Welcome to the website of Elegant Buttons! Elegant Buttons (as the name suggests) is the exclusive range of Shell and MOP Buttons. Super Choice has launched Elegant Buttons as a brand to showcase the elegance of shell buttons & mop buttons in India under its 100% owned subsidiary Elegant Buttons Pvt. Ltd.

Super choice is the one of the largest Real Shell Buttons manufacturer in India. Our company was incorporated in 1995 with Headquarters in Capital of India (New Delhi). We have covered a long distance in Real Shell product industry & finally introduced the revolutionary idea by launching Elegant Buttons which will delicately work on all types of MOP Buttons and Shell Buttons in India.

Elegant Buttons under Super Choice manufacture products, which are eco- friendly, not harmful for body or environment. Our products proudly pass all standards of testing, throughout the globe. We produce products, which are free from chemicals such as Nickel, Lead, Ezo, Cad, etc. The buttons which we make on contrary are beneficial for small children, who have the biting habits, as these buttons contain calcium contents.

We have 2 state of the art infrastructure production houses, which are located at Faridabad & Mehsi. We have whole dedicated and exclusive range of Shell Buttons and class of MOP Buttons for export houses, Fashion Houses, Exporters, Garment Houses & Merchandisers, which fulfill their traditional needs at the same time it will able to produce the quality and looks that will match the modern needs.

Please visit our product gallery to have a look and feel of our Elegant Range of Best Shell and MOP Buttons.

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